365 Project
This is a 365 Project for 2019. I am limiting images to those shot and edited exclusively on mobile devices.
Takeya USA 2019 Media Campaign
This project is a media campaign for Takeya USA bottles. The images shown in this project are NOT the images being used in the campaign but are representative of the final images.
This is a collection of abstract, macro and unusual images.
Architecture / Buildings / Structures
This is a collection of buildings and other structures.
Black & White
This is a collection of black & white images - some are "straight" black & white, while others have sepia or other toning techniques applied.
Landscapes & Seascapes
A collection of landscapes and seascapes taken primarily in New Jersey.
This is a collection of panoramas.
Product Photography
I am venturing into Product Photography - both studio still-life and outdoor in-use. If you are a brand looking to have some photography done for your social media campaigns, contact me.
A collection of wildlife of all kinds - amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and insects.
Smartphone photography
All of the images in this gallery where made and edited with a smartphone. Many were done entirely within Lightroom for mobile - using the camera within Lightroom and then editing and exporting. Photoshop Express was also used for editing others.
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